Albert Pujols hits 2 home runs, 11 away from 700

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Albert Pujols is likely going to go down as one of the best right-handed hitters that this game has ever seen. What he was able to do throughout his lengthy career is nothing short of amazing and he’s still producing at a decent level for somebody who’s 42 years old. Pujols is currently hitting .249 and has belted 10 home runs on the season. He hit another two home runs on Sunday and raise his total to 689.

Pujols Closing in on 700

Current teammates of Pujols are excited for him and realize that they’re watching history, according to

“You’ve got guys in the dugout getting goosebumps. It’s such a special career, and to see him keep doing it, it’s incredible,”

“That’s how you get into the Hall of Fame. He doesn’t take anything for granted. Even in his last season, he’s always trying to get better. He’s not coasting into the Hall of Fame. He’s going to kick down that door and have a nice plaque up in there somewhere.”

Pujols says this is what he expects out of himself, according to

“No, this is what I expect of myself,” said Pujols, “I’m telling you, I feel like I can still play this game, and if I couldn’t, I wouldn’t still be here. When you put in the work and with the blessing of the Lord, you’re going to have success, and that’s what I’m feeling.”

“Any time you put yourself in the same sentence with Willie Mays, it’s amazing,” Pujols said. “What he did in this game, it’s pretty awesome. But, for me, those are the things I’ll look at when I sit down and look at the numbers. And I’ll probably say, ‘Wow, that’s pretty awesome.’”

When Will Albert Pujols Hit Home Run #700?

Albert Pujols is likely going to hit home run number 700 sometime within the next year. He probably won’t get it this year, unless he goes on a tear towards the back end of the season. He has noted before that he wouldn’t mind playing another season, so it’s certainly a possibility that he returns next year.

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