Boston Celtics Want Blake Griffin to Return

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Blake Griffin’s best days are behind him, but he could still serve as a key veteran mentor in the correct locker room. He proved that last year with the Boston Celtics. While he is a free agent right now, many on Boston’s staff are lobbying for him to come back. The Celtics currently have an open roster spot. Many players have had nothing but high praise for the veteran power forward.

“Obviously, Blake’s probably one of the best teammates all of us have ever had. Any time you have him around, it’s great, but I feel like it’s his decision and we respect that. We all just love having him around.”-Derrick White

Head coach, Joe Mazzula, did talk to Griffin about a potential return, but Griffin’s priority is his family as of now.

“I talked to him one or two times when we were in LA, but when he told me at the end of last season that his family was the most important thing, I stopped talking to him about it,” Mazzulla said. “I know what it’s like to be away from your kids and your family. He’s always going to make that decision and what’s best for him.”

It seems as if Blake Griffin is content with where he is at in life right now. Regardless, people can always change their minds. If he does, it seems as if he will be welcomed back with open arms if Griffin does want to make one more run with the Boston Celtics.

Many Players on Boston’s Roster Lobbying for Blake Griffin to Return for Title Run

Can the Veteran Still Serve a Meaningful Purpose?

While the former Dunk Contest champion is not what he once was with the Los Angeles Clippers or Detroit Pistons, his voice in the locker room still carries weight. Griffin still logged meaningful minutes with Boston last year. That is one aspect Joe Mazzula’s coaching style, everyone from the star to the last man on the bench will have a role. Griffin started in 13 games of 41 he played in last year. In said campaign, Griffin tallied 4.1 points, 3.8 total rebounds, and 1.5 assists per game in 13.9 minutes played per game. While many peers are clamoring for two-way player, Neemias Queta, Blake Griffin would be a familiar option to fill the last roster spot if he does decide to come back for one last run at the NBA Finals.

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