Boston’s own rebuilding process on display against Philly

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Somehow, the Celtics keep getting good overall team performances even though guys keep going down.

Today, Brad Stevens offered one possible answer as to why:

I think it’s a little more than that too. While Brad Stevens is giving a lot of credit to the players here (as he should), I’m giving a lot of credit to Danny Ainge for the players he assembled.

On, I explain how the Celtics have their own “process” to combat The Process that Philadelphia is known for… and it involves the full embrace of “position-less basketball”

This is what the Celtics always wanted. This is how it was always supposed to be. In a series where people are lauding the success of “The Process,” few are discussing the other plan we’re witnessing in action.

Why have the Celtics been able to withstand the loss of player after player? How is it possible that Boston would come out of the gates with a pretty comfortable win even after Jaylen Brown was ruled out with a hamstring injury?

Because the Celtics’ plan to construct an super-switchy roster full of basically 6-foot-8-inch forwards (give or take a couple inches either way) makes it possible. It doesn’t have a catchy name like “The Process,” but it is what the team intended to build. Brad Stevens acknowledged it at the Utah Summer League last July.

There are three key elements here: The players… for obviously being good, Brad Stevens… for being the guy that gets the most out of them… and Ainge for getting these guys on the roster in the first place.

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