Brewers first team to shut out Dodgers this season


The Milwaukee Brewers came away with an impressive 4-0 win against the Los Angeles Dodgers on Monday night. Beating the Dodgers isn’t an easy task, but shutting them out is even more impressive.

Los Angeles had played 120 games this season and hasn’t been shut out once. This is almost unheard of in MLB, especially in today’s game.

Dodgers Get Shut Out by Brewers

Craig Counsell had the following to say, according to

“Whatever the number is, there have been so many games basically determined in the final at-bat,” Counsell said. “Our starters have done a pretty good job through this stretch, it’s just that we’re in close games, games that aren’t decided until the eighth, ninth inning. It feels like it’s every day, but it’s at least five of seven days a week or six of seven days a week. That means we’d better get some guys a rest and the other guys have to step up.

“This is the time of the season that tests your pitching on both the starting and relieving end of the game.”

The Brewers decided to throw a few different guys, mixing things up for the Dodgers, and Eric Lauer had the following to say, according to

“That’s always been the thought behind our bullpen, it’s a ‘run-prevention unit,’” Lauer said. “We have guys who can go in there at any given time, no matter how high leverage it might be. We’re not going to depend on just one or two guys, we’re going to have a fully-stocked bullpen that’s going to get outs.”

Brewers Went With Bullpen Heavy Game

One of those pitchers happened to be Strzelecki, a youngster that has 16 MLB innings on the mound. Craig Counsell had the following to say about him, according to

“He’s really taken a big step forward this year,” Counsell said. “He didn’t get in a Spring Training game. He was an extra guy and never got in a game, but had a very, very good season and has come up here and shown that he can get good hitters out. The swing-and-miss is kind of the thing you start to take note of. There’s swing-and-misses in the strike zone every at-bat. When you start to see that, you know a guy has got good stuff.

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