Bruins’ Brad Marchand Is All Over Blackhawks’ Rookie Phenom Connor Bedard


Brad Marchand Has Been Know As A Pest In The NHL For Sometime, And The New Bruins’ Captain Isn’t Stopping Now

You’ve got to hand it to Brad Marchand; he’s as persistent as they come. It was déjà vu for the Chicago Blackhawks and the Boston Bruins as they clashed for the second time this season. And, once again, the Bruins’ captain, Marchand, made it his mission to be a thorn in the side of Blackhawks’ rookie sensation, Connor Bedard. The newly named captain of the now 6-0 Boston Bruins was all over Bedard in Boston’s 3-0 win over the Blackhawks on Tuesday night in Chicago.

Marchand Has His Stick “Stuck” On October 11th

In this video from the Bruins and Blackhawks season opener, a video captured Marchand seemingly having his stick “caught” as he tried to make his way to the bench, conveniently tangling up Bedard in the process. But hey, this is the NHL, and nothing comes easy. Eventually, the 18-year-old Bedard managed to wriggle free, showing a level of poise that belies his age. This was just after Bedard scored his first career NHL Goal

It Continued on Tuesday Night

But the Bedard-Marchand showdown didn’t stop there. The first part of the video shows the October 11th entanglement and then another play from last night. Near center ice, they locked horns again, with Marchand using every trick in the book to keep Bedard pinned against the boards for as long as he could. Now, let’s be clear; these mind games and physical tactics are Marchand’s specialty, the things that make him one of the most irritating pests in the league.

If you watched either of both games, Marchand was chirping, stick-checking, and bodying Bedard at every chance he had. In the NHL, rivalries don’t just simmer; they sizzle, and this Bedard-Marchand saga is heating up to be quite the spectacle. The old pesky vet is going to be all over the young rookie phenom with every chance that he gets.

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