Five Sports To Attend As A Couple

Even though it seems that there are more men than women who are interested in sports right now, the tides are changing. More and more women are taking their men on dates to sporting events. When people use, they are able to find people who love the same sports and teams as they do. Once you have a sports-loving match, you can take them to these sports!

1. Baseball

Baseball is a great sport to attend as a couple because there is a lot of time when nobody is actually doing anything that is important to the event. That means you get plenty of time to talk with your date, get some food, and even catch up on some shenanigans from the mascots. Yet, the best thing about this sport is that it goes from Spring until Autumn, so you get the opportunity to pick the weather that suits both of you best.

2. Football

Football is a loud and raucous sport that has an even louder fan base. Now, you might think that you are going to run into a problem by bringing your new date to a football game. The fact is that women are just as diehard when it comes to football fandom, so you can count on her enjoying the noise and experience. Plus, when you are done the game you will be exhausted from cheering and the elements, an experience that will bring you closer.

3. Racing

While you might think that watching cars driving isn’t exciting for couples, it is a different experience when you are in the grand stands watching the race. Not only do you get to take your date somewhere to watch technological marvels, but it’s faster, louder, and more intense when you are there in person. Some of the races are all-day events, like the Daytona 500, and can help you experience more of your date’s personality than you would get going to another movie. Best of all, there are not a lot of complicated rules that you have to follow in order to have a good time.

4. Hockey

This is a fast-paced and very physical sport with a lot happening all the time. If the two of you want to watch some action while not having too much downtime like in sports like baseball, then this is the sport for you. Hockey is played in the Autumn through the Spring, so it is a great way to get through the colder months.

5. Basketball

Basketball is a very crowd-friendly sport. Not only does it always take place inside where it is warm and dry, but it is a place where the mascots try to get the crowds involved. This is an exciting sport that is a lot more comfortable to view than some of the outdoor games. Better still is the fact that the mascots, kiss cams, and events always keep more people involved in the game than ever before. Best of all, it is a sport that has legends playing right now so you can see some of the best playing of all time right now.

All in all, sports are a wonderful way for you to bond with your boyfriend or girlfriend. They are exciting and get the adrenaline pumping, so you will bond over you emotions as well as your compatibility. Sports are a great place to get to know someone for the little things like how well the two of you act as a couple in public and whether the other gets belligerent with their anger. Overall, sports are a great gauge of personality and compatibility, but they are also just plain fun. Keep these five in mind when trying to find something to do!