Grant Thornton Invitational 2023: How Much Is A Tiburon Golf Course Membership?

Grant Thornton Invitational 2023: How Much Is A Tiburon Golf Course Membership?

Tiburon Golf Course opened 25 years ago in 1998. The semi-private golf course has hosted its fair share of tournaments for the last two decades. The club features two courses, Golf and Black course, both designed by Greg Championship.

This weekend, the Tiburon Golf Course is set to host the 2023 Grant Thornton Invitational. The inaugural tournament will feature both LPGA and PGA Tour players who will compete on mixed teams for a $4.5 million purse.

Tiburon Golf Course is a semi-exclusive club but it offers members a luxurious experience and some amenities that make it worth the price of admission. However, like most golf courses featured on the PGA Tour, a Tiburon Golf Course membership also comes with a hefty price tag.

Tiburon Golf Course Membership

There are three exclusive memberships available at Tiburon, including Medallion, Associate Club, and Signature memberships. Each membership varies in price and annual dues.

All of the memberships are open to all residents and non-residents of the Tiburon community. The Signature membership is the cheapest one with a $25,000 initiation fee and just $4,345 in annual dues. Meanwhile, the Associate Club membership requires a $45,000 initiation fee and $11,140 in annual dues.

Lastly, the Medallion membership is the most expensive with a $70,000 initiation fee and $11,140 in yearly dues.

The different tier membership gives members access to amenities and special reciprocals to different clubs.

Tiburon Golf Course Amenities

There are a lot of amenities included when signing up for a Tiburon Golf Course membership. Along with access to championship golf courses, the Tiburon Golf Course has tennis courts, pools, fine dining, and a fitness and health club that members can take advantage of.

In addition, the club works with the Ritz-Carlton, giving members access to the resort’s first-class amenities, including a heated outdoor pool with a sun deck. Members will also receive discounts on food at restaurants on the course and at the Ritz-Carlton resort.

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