Jayson Tatum entering 10-14 day COVID-19 quarantine (report)

Boston Celtics star wing Jayson Tatum will enter the NBA’s health and safety protocols and quarantine for 10-14 day, according to Shams Charania.

The 10-14 day quarantine signals a positive COVID-19 test or close contact with a person who tested positive. Robert Williams has also reportedly tested positive. Grant Williams and Tristan Thompson are out due to health and safety protocols, which is believed to be due to contact tracing.

The NBA is facing its first COVID-19 crisis. Philadelphia 76ers guard Seth Curry’s recent positive test came after he had been sitting on the bench next to other players. The Sixers may not be able to field a minimum eight-man team for their afternoon game against the Denver Nuggets.

Denver is without Michael Porter Jr., who is believed to have tested positive as well.

Meanwhile the Washington Wizards oddly appear to be connected somehow.

Right now, no one on the Wizards has tested positive. However, it is worth watching them closely to see if anyone does test positive soon. If someone does, it might provide evidence of asymptomatic spread prior to a positive test. If no one does, then the Wizards are part of a big coincidence.

As of right now, the NBA is continuing to press forward and all scheduled games are still expected to be played.