Jayson Tatum Trolls Kevin Hart After Eliminating Sixers, Hart Hilariously Responds

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The Celtics Star And Comedian From Philly Have Always Had a friendly relationship

Jayson Tatum had a historic Game 7 performance, setting an NBA record by scoring 51 points to help the Boston Celtics secure a series-clinching win against the Philadelphia 76ers. Tatum’s exceptional display of skill didn’t end on the court, as he playfully trolled actor Kevin Hart, a passionate Sixers fan, during his post-game interview with ESPN’s Lisa Salters.

Tatum Trolls Hart In Postgame Interview

In his walk-off interview, Tatum gave a special shoutout to Kevin Hart, expressing his desire for their friendship to continue despite the outcome of the game. He jokingly asked Hart to still answer his phone calls and assured him that there were no hard feelings.

Hart, upon receiving Tatum’s message, posted a humorous video on Instagram in response. Reluctantly, Hart congratulated Tatum and his Celtics teammates for advancing to the Eastern Conference Finals, but not without taking a playful shot at Tatum in return. Despite Tatum’s dominant performance that shattered the dreams of Hart’s beloved Sixers, the actor graciously acknowledged Tatum’s talent and success.

“All right, I’m hurt,” Hart said in the video. “The world knows it. I don’t have to hide it. What I’m not is a sore loser. It’s not about how you win, it’s how you lose. I’m going to lose like a man. I’m going to stand on mines. Jayson Tatum, I hate it but I got to give you props. Brother, congratulations. A friend you are. A true competitor you proved to be today. You showed up. You showed out. You put your foot in our ass.” – Kevin Hart


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The Friendship Grows

It’s worth noting that Tatum and Hart have a history together, as they were previously seen hanging out with Jay-Z in New York last summer. Despite the competitive nature of the game, Hart’s acknowledgment of Tatum’s achievement and willingness to give him props showcases their mutual respect and friendship.

Tatum’s stellar performances have garnered attention not only from Kevin Hart but also from Janet Jackson during the 2023 postseason. If Tatum continues to play at such a high level, he is likely to draw the attention of more celebrities as he progresses through the playoffs. His exceptional skills on the court and ability to capture the spotlight have made him a rising star in the NBA, deserving of recognition from both fans and notable figures alike.

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