Michael Block Caps Cinderella PGA Championship Run With Hole In One


Michael Block’s remarkable journey at the PGA Championship continued to defy expectations, and now he has become a household name. He was hearing roars all weekend long, and none were louder than when he finished the tournament Tied for 15th, qualifying him for next year’s PGA Championship.

Paired with Rory McIlroy in the final round, the club pro had already exceeded all odds. As he approached the 151-yard, par-3 15th hole at Oak Hill, Block confidently swung his 7-iron. To his astonishment, the ball found the bottom of the cup—a hole-in-one, his first ever in competition. The ace propelled the 46-year-old Californian, who usually earns $150 per lesson at Arroyo Trabuco Golf Club, to even par.

“[McIlroy] had to tell me five times that I made it,” Block said after his round. “So it was a pretty cool experience to have Rory be telling me that I made a hole-in-one in front of God knows how many people that were supporting me.’

“It was an amazing golf shot,” McIlroy said afterward. “That hole has sort of given me fits all week. I haven’t really liked the look of it, and Michael stands up and hits this lovely little drawback into off the left wind, and you know, ball goes straight in the hole. It was I guess sort of when it’s your week, it’s your week in a way, and you know, I think with the way the week’s went for him, it was a fitting way to cap off his PGA Championship.”

Block Makes History

Regardless of his performance in the remaining holes, Block’s week had already etched itself into the annals of major championship history. However, he had one more heroic act left in him. With his approach on the 72nd hole landing in the gallery, left of the hole, Block displayed his skill and nerve by executing a chip shot that left him with a crucial par putt. He confidently sank the putt, securing a T-15 finish and ensuring his qualification for next year’s PGA Championship at Valhalla.

Block’s Cinderella story continued to captivate and inspire, leaving a lasting impression on the tournament and its spectators.

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