Milwaukee Brewers Make Massive Blunder At Home Opener Ceremony

Milwaukee Brewers

The Milwaukee Brewers held their 2023 season home opener on Monday afternoon April 3, 2023.

As with all opening days in Major League Baseball, there are a few extra festivities planned that do not happen in an ordinary baseball game.

One of those special extras planned for Brewers fans was a flyover that was scheduled to occur during the National Anthem.

This tends to be a hair-raising and emotional event for players and fans in the stadium.

Where the fine plan went astray was when the Brewers decided to close the roof of American Family Field for the game because of the possibility of rain.

Presumably, no one put two and two together and realized that the fans inside the closed-roof stadium would not see the flyover.

The tailgaters in the parking lot were the lucky fans that witnessed it.

Check out the video of the flyover.

The sky is very cloudy though it does not appear to be raining, it is easy to see why the Brewers made the decision to close the roof.

It is surprising that no one canceled the flyover once the decision was made to close the roof.

As flyovers go, it was a minimalist one.

Some people on social media noted that flyovers tend to include more than one aircraft.

In this case, it was probably for the best that only one plane was planned to participate.

There is no word if another flyover will be scheduled that it is visible inside the stadium.

Fans Took The Blunder Very Well

Thankfully, fans took the whole situation in stride.

It helped that the Brewers had a great game complete with a grand slam homerun from shortstop Brice Turang.

The Brewers trounced the New York Mets by the score of 10-0.

Milwaukee pitching gave up just three hits.

Baseball tends to be a superstitious and streaky sport so maybe a huge win during a closed-roof flyover is a good omen for the season ahead.

The Brewers are 3-1 on the season thus far.

If the winning keeps up, they may schedule another flyover and close the roof on purpose.


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