NCAA Championships Should Be Decided on Saturdays

NCAA Men's Championship Game - Kansas v Kentucky

Back in October, eastern-based college hockey writer, Mike McMahon tweeted out the following tweets. According to McMahon, the NCAA is considering changing the Frozen Four from Thursday-Saturday to Saturday-Monday. Obviously, this type of thinking needs to be rejected. Why are NCAA championship games being held on Monday?

Moreover, why would the NCAA tinker with a successful championship? My response; why wouldn’t they? The NCAA has kind of established itself as being for the status quo and not real forward thinking. That’s why I’ve referred to the NCAA = no fun.

For example, in college hockey, a handful of eastern schools are strenuously fighting moving regional championship to on-campus venus. These same teams would rather play in half-empty arena posing as mausoleums.

Saturday-Monday Games

Why are any NCAA sponsored championships held on Saturday-Monday? Currently, there are two men’s NCAA championships being held on Saturday-Monday. Championships being held on Saturday-Monday assure that working adults will have to miss an extra day of work attending an NCAA Championship.

This year’s College Football National Championship is held on Monday, January 7, 2019. Why? The semi-final games were held on Saturday. Why not have the championship game on Saturday?

NCAA Championships Should Be Decided on Saturdays

It would be interesting to see what work site productivity looks like in ACC and SEC country on Tuesday 8, 2019.

I’d also like to add that the NCAA Men’s Basketball championship is also held on Saturday – Monday. Why? Wouldn’t you rather watch college basketball on Saturday night?

NCAA Championships Should Be Decided on Saturdays

The College Football FCS National Championship is held on Saturdays. I am sure the folks in Frisco, Texas enjoy the fact that the championship game is held on Saturdays. Sunday, a fair number of those folks will travel home and again return to work. Moving forward, the NCAA should consider moving all of their major championships to Thursday – Saturday.

NCAA Championships Should Be Decided on Saturdays

Yes, I understand that the NCAA doesn’t run the FBS football championship. With that said, it’s still a college sport and the teams still have to adhere to NCAA rules and regulations. With that said, the message is still the same, college championships should be on Saturday night.

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