Phillies City Connect Uniforms: Phils Unveil Drastically Different City Connect Uniforms

Phillies City Connect


The Philadelphia Phillies unveiled their MLB x Nike City Connect uniforms on Friday morning at an event from the New Era team store. The unveiling confirmed previous reports, the Phillies City Connect uniforms are drastically different from anything the team has ever worn.

There ain’t no blue or red. In fact, there’s no traditional Phillies’ colors to be found! Hell, there’s not even a “Phillies” wordmark on the uniforms!

Instead, the Phillies City Connect disasters uniforms are rendered in various hues of blue, yellow, and black.  The different shades of blue and yellow pay homage to the City of Philadelphia flag. As the Phillies explained in an infographic, the change from a lighter shade of blue to a darker shade of blue is because Philadelphia has “always been a place unafraid to revolutionize.” Gone is the traditional “Phillies” wordmark which has been replaced with a “Philly” wordmark across the chest. “Philly” is apparently written in such an odd font because the inspiration was from the cracks on the Liberty Bell.

The uniforms are “unapologetically Philly!”

Okay, whatever.

Other homages to the City of Philadelphia can be found on various parts of the uniform. The city skyline can be found on the inside collar of the jersey where no one will ever see it. The skyline can also be sublimated in the caps’ bell logo. The word “Love,” kind of like the LOVE statue in Love Park, is rendered on a sleeve patch. Finally, the Liberty Bell and two stars (two World Championships?) are found on the caps.

Look, despite what the players say, the uniforms aren’t very good. But…and this is important, not all about the City Connect uniforms are bad.

Phillies City Connect Uniforms: Phils Unveil Drastically Different City Connect Uniforms

For whatever reason, the Phillies City Connect uniforms have traditional sized names and numbers rendered on the back of the jersey. Despite being manufactured by Nike, the Phillies City Connect uniforms look more like uniforms of the past in those two areas. Also, the on-field cap is solid too. The lighter blue and yellow work well with the dark navy and Liberty Bell motif. 

Fans of the uniforms are in luck! The Phillies will wear their City Connect uniforms for the remaining 12 Friday home dates of the 2023 MLB regular season.

Phillies City Connect Uniform Dates

  • April 12 vs. Pittsburgh Pirates
  • April 19 vs. Chicago White Sox
  • May 3 vs. San Francisco Giants
  • May 17 vs. Washington Nationals
  • May 31 vs. St. Louis Cardinals
  • June 21 vs. Arizona Diamondbacks
  • June 28 vs. Miami Marlins
  • July 12 vs. Oakland Athletics
  • July 26 vs. Cleveland Guardians
  • August 16 vs. Washington Nationals
  • August 30 vs. Atlanta Braves
  • September 13 vs. New York Mets
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