Rapid Recap: Brown, Hayward hurt in disastrous loss to Nets


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What a mess.

The Celtics lost Jaylen Brown (hamstring), Gordon Hayward (knee contusion) and their manhood (ripped away by Caris LeVert) in tonight’s 129-120 OT loss to Brooklyn.

Without Jayson Tatum (illness) and Kemba Walker limited by a minutes restriction, the Celtics still led the Nets 71-50 late in the 3rd quarter. Brooklyn looked defeated. And then Caris LeVert happened. The dude went nuclear in the 4th quarter (26 of his 51 points) as the Celtics defense collapsed. They gave up 51 points in the quarter. 51 points in 12 freaking minutes. The final three points came when LeVert drained three free-throws after a dumb, dumb, dumb foul by Marcus Smart with 0.2 seconds remaining.

So what happened? Yes, injuries played a role in the collapse. So did awful executive in the final minute. But I’m also looking at the coach. Because this crap happens when you treat games like exhibitions. Guys screw around too much and eventually, it catches up to you. Stevens went 10 deep in the 1st quarter! There was no real rhyme nor reason to his rotation tonight.

Let’s just hope we don’t miss out on the 2nd seed by one game.


Clam up, Marcus. You fouled him.

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