Rapid Recap: Detroit’s firepower, physicality sink the Celtics

NBA: Detroit Pistons at Boston Celtics

The Celtics lost 102-108 to the Pistons—the worst team in the league, except when playing the Cs, or other top-of-the-conference squads—by giving up about as many open triples as they scored the previous game against the Raptors. I no longer claim to understand this year’s Cs, like, at all. Bonkers inconsistency.

After starting off with crisp and intense offense, Boston started giving Detroit way too much breathing room and surrendered a 10-point lead, falling behind by 3 to end the first frame. Then it was Detroit who got up to a 10-point lead, and only furious effort by Jayson Tatum and Jaylen Brown brought Boston back to a 2-point deficit at the half. Q3 began evenly matched, as Boston started to get into a steady offensive groove and the squads traded control of the game. Then Detroit, led by white-hot shooting from rookie Saddiq Bey (30 points off the bench on 10 damn triples) roared to life, and gained back another respectable lead. Finally, the fourth frame was way erratic, with the Celtics coming within a hairsbreadth near the end but never quite able to get past the hole they’d fallen into.

After spending last night playmaking more than scoring, Tatum and Brown led Boston’s offensive charge yet again, respectively bringing in 33-11-7 and 26-6-0-2. That was the vast majority of Boston’s scoring. Daniel Theis was the only other player even to reach double figures (11-9-1-1-1).

Highlights, jokes and scattered analysis below:

Some ultimately productive weirdness below, especially interesting in light of last night’s weird comedy sequence:


(Pardon the language, but Riffsman’s description is spot-on.)

Not saying Teague did that on his own, but I’m not not saying it either. On a lighter note, Marcus Smart dropped into the broadcast booth, and he was a marked improvement over Brian Scalabrine:

In a frustrating second quarter, few things were really as enraging as this (for me, at least; I’m sure others were more annoyed by the deficit):

Here’s that bonkers Tatum to Javonte clip:


Just to remind you to be mad about the Josh Jackson foul against Jaylen:

Best description of the offense’s lack of coherence in most of the second half is as follows:

Theis actually contributed a bit more than his stat line might suggest:

But anytime you get truly miserable about the Cs, always remember that these two dudes are the team’s anchors, and will be for a good long time:

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