Rapid Recap: Timelord shines as scrappy Celtics fall to Nets in Gm 1

NBA: Playoffs-Boston Celtics at Brooklyn Nets
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Well, at least the game was competitive. The Celtics put forth a scrappy defensive effort in the first half, only to have their anemic offense let them down in the second half, as the mighty (annoying) Brooklyn Nets took Game 1, 104-93.

The margin for error is slim against Brooklyn, and the Celtics have no chance to beat them if Kemba Walker (15 points, 5-16 FG, team-high -21) and Evan Fournier (10 points, 3-10 FG) play, um, what’s the word I’m looking for here… oh, it’s terrible.

Instead of delving into a deeply depressing Danny-Ainge-has-to-trade-Kemba-in-the-offseason-rant, I’m going to focus on the positive: TIMELORD. Rob Williams (11 points, 9 rebounds, 9 blocks in 23 minutes) was an absolute beast. No Celtic player, not even Jayson Tatum (22 points on 6-20 FG) impacted the game like Rob.

There was a fiery exchange between Durant and Tatum in the 4th quarter which culminated in Durant driving his forearm in Tatum’s neck. Unfortunately, Tatum showed more anger with the officials for the lack of a whistle than at Durant, the guy who wielded the blow. Tatum is a mild-mannered guy, but he cannot let Durant punk him like that. Durant drew a flagrant foul a few minutes later for closing out in Tatum’s space on a jump shot, much to the chagrin of Mike Breen and Doris Burke who apparently don’t know the rules.


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