Slow Justice Is No Justice


I can’t think of a more appropriate photo to kick things off here at Bloguin.  I’d like to thank those good folks for having The Legion Of Lightning Bolt over to their place so we can fuck some shit up in our own special way.  JUSTICE IS COMING has always benefited from the magnanamousness of its readers.  In 1995, Eric Stangel, now head writer for David Letterman, asked me if I would like to distribute my own little Charger rag which I was writing to push Charger Football Weekly out of business.  (After leaving CFW, the former editor contacted me to tell me that my angry letter was dead on).  Then Daniel Chang helped get JIC on the web in the form of its own site.  Lastly, Scott Scharer of Glorify The Past (once one of the Legion’s angry cranks) helped get Justice into blog form.

If you’re already among The Justice League, you know all this, so I won’t bore you any further.  Sunday Night was quite a win.  I’m not going to start wondering aloud “is this the year?”  After last season, I will always be in wait and see mode.  I’m not even that surprised we beat the Colts.  The team I’m most surprised we beat on Sunday Night was the San Diego Chargers.  They’ve always been our biggest nemesis.  Weddle and Cooper, the two guys who we rightfully give the most shit to for dropping picks both hold onto the ball.  I am sure everyone remembered the call on Weddle in our last game at Indy.  Cro’s pick six was negated on a far more questionable call than the non call last night.  You make your own luck.  I said during the aforementioned playoff game that the Bolts would play through that call that negated a touchdown.  I think we played well enough on defense last night that we earned the right to get the benefit of the doubt from the refs.

Anyway, this will serve as a test post to see if the “the move,” as in Long Beach to Vegas (Godfather I into II) worked.  Sam and Sarah are in Florida until Thursday, thus last night’s midnight margarita, so I will be posting a few times this week.  It’s Raider Week, by the way.


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