Tacko Fall dunks all over Cavs without even jumping (Video)

Screen Shot 2019-07-08 at 10.58.03 PM

It’s unclear exactly how Tacko Fall’s game will translate to the NBA, and if he’ll even wind up on the Celtics roster next season, but it sure is fine to watch him play in the Las Vegas Summer League right now.

Fall stands seven-foot-six, and weighs 311 pounds, so it’s a known fact that he can dominate in the paint — at any level. But there are questions about whether or not he can run the floor in today’s NBA, given how fast the game is. Not only that, his body type raises questions about his durability, given how much pressure is on his joints.

For now, though, it’s a blast to watch Fall tower over his opponents in Summer League, which is exactly what he did against the Cavs on Monday. Watch him haul in an offensive rebound, then dunk the ball home with authority — without even jumping.

He made it look easy on that play.

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