Tennis Fans React To Bizarre Trophy Presentation For 2023 Italian Open Women’s Champion Elena Rybakina

Elena Rybakina

The 2023 Italian Open women’s singles tennis champion was crowned after midnight Rome time on Saturday night.

The final started at 11 PM between Elena Rybakina and Anhelina Kalinina, and it was a disaster from the get-go.

To begin with, there were so many rain delays on Saturday that no one would have been surprised if the women’s match was moved to Sunday.

Adding insult to injury literally was an injury to Kalinina that required her to retire in the second set.

Then, the trophy presentation happened in front of a very small crowd who booed at times.

They most likely were booing the tournament organizers and sponsors for doing such a terrible job with the trophy presentation.

Fans saw the disastrous event and shared their reactions on social media.

What Fans Said

The worst trophy presentation ever was a common message fans shared.

Tournament scheduling and the trophy presentation were both definitely messed up.

Awkward Is One Word To Describe It

If fans caught the presentation in progress, they would have believed that Rybakina lost because she was introduced and spoke to the crowd first.

At least, she was trying to speak; her microphone was not working correctly.

Normally, the runner-up is the first to do all these things.

When Kalinina was introduced, they tried to give her the runner-up plate in the box it was carried out to the court in but then took it back so that she could speak to the crowd.

After she spoke, they gave her the plate for photos while Rybakina was off to the right, and the winner’s trophy was not in her hands.

Rybakina finally walked over to pick up the trophy, or fans may still be waiting for her to be presented with it.


This awful presentation comes on the heels of the Mutua Madrid Open which two weeks ago did not allow the women’s doubles champions and runners-up to speak at their trophy presentations.

The common thread in both of these cases is the Women’s Tennis Association which needs to do a better job taking care of its players and preventing these nonsensical actions from happening.

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