Three Bold Predictions for Ronald Acuna Jr in 2022 MLB Season

Ronald Acuna Jr. of the Atlanta Braves is anticipated to return sometime during the first half of the season after tearing his ACL last season. Prior to that injury, there was a case to be made that Acuna wasn’t just one of baseball’s brightest rising stars, but the game’s best player.

Obviously, coming off an ACL tear, there will be some concerns regarding Ronald Acuna’s ability to perform. The rest of his game is under doubt, and rightfully so. ACL tears are among the toughest injuries to recover from in any sport, so there are still some unanswered questions surrounding Acuna.

Personally, I believe Ronald Acuna will return and maintain his status as one of baseball’s finest players.

Three Bold Predictions for Ronald Acuna Jr in 2022 MLB Season

Below, I’m going to go over three bold predictions regarding the comeback that I have for him.

3. Returns From Injury Better Than He Was

If Ronald Acuna’s offseason workouts are any indication of what he will be capable of doing, the Atlanta Braves have to feel optimistic.

Despite the fact that he is unlikely to be in the lineup for the first few weeks of the season, he is expected to return in May. Given that he is getting some batting practice during spring training and is hitting balls out of the park just as he was before his injury, there is a decent probability that he will bounce back stronger than before.

2. 35-Plus Home Run Season

Acuna may have a difficult time reaching this mark since he will miss the first few games of the season, but he only played 82 games last year and hit 24 home runs.

He was on pace for a 40-plus home run season, and given how much stronger his legs will be now that he’s been focusing on them exclusively during his recovery, there’s a good chance he’ll hit 35 or more.

1. Wins the NL MVP

Acuna will undoubtedly be one of the final MVP candidates if he performs in the same manner as everyone expects. Juan Soto is the only other candidate that might have a slight advantage over him right now. If everything goes according to plan, both of these players will be among the top two MVP candidates, and it will be up to the voters to decide who wins.

Personally, I think Acuna will win this award because he is a much superior defender and will steal a significant number of bags, giving him a tiny advantage over the outstanding Juan Soto.

NL MVP Odds | Best Odds to Win NL MVP

Despite the fact that he’s coming off of injury, the Braves’ superstar is among the NL leaders for MVP, according to some of the top online sportsbooks. Acuna Jr. currently has +600 odds to win the NL MVP at BetOnline, one of the best baseball betting sites.

NL MVP  Candidates NL MVP Odds BetOnline Free Play
Juan Soto +350 BetOnline logo
Ronald Acuna Jr. +600 BetOnline logo
Bryce Harper +900 BetOnline logo
Mookie Betts +900 BetOnline logo
Freddie Freeman +1200 BetOnline logo
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