Watch: Manny Machado puts Dodgers fan, heckler in place during game with funny zinger

Padres slugger Manny Machado seems to be settling in with his new team just fine. He’s hitting .273 — far better than Bryce Harper has fared thus far — with 20 home runs, and 57 RBIs.

And, most importantly, he already seems to understand the significance of the team’s biggest interstate rival — the Los Angeles Dodgers. The SoCal rivalry is very much real, with Dodgers fans making a habit of attempting to invade Petco Park — and often succeeding.

So when a heckler at Dodger Stadium attempted to troll Machado, he fired back with a perfect response — which included a World Series guarantee of sorts.

“I bet you my contract we’ll win the World Series before you [Dodgers] guys, do,” Machado chirped.

Machado was awarded a massive 10-year, $300 million contract, so that’s one heck of a guarantee.