Celtics lose Shane Larkin for foreseeable future

Celtics lose Shane Larkin for foreseeable future


Celtics lose Shane Larkin for foreseeable future

We are approaching critical mass with the injuries for Boston. Losing Larkin shouldn’t hurt much but it’s become a pretty big blow to the Celtics who really could use him as a counter to TJ McConnell’s energy and to pester Philly’s shooters.

But… here we are. Another guy down, which means the Celtics have to go at it with another man down.

At this time of year, it should just mean other guys on the team step up and play a few more minutes, but that’s not entirely feasible either.

Is that minutes restriction 40? Because I feel like Brown needs to play 40.

What if the Celtics start Brown? What if they roll with Smart, Rozier, Tatum, Brown, and Horford? Crazy defense and it makes Philly HAVE to defend Horford with Embiid… a matchup they’ve worked very hard to avoid. If someone switches onto Horford you just hunt the Embiid matchup on the perimeter and go at him.

The Celtics still have enough to win tonight. At this point though I just want to escape this game without anyone tweaking anything else.

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