NBA's Seattle return a 'big priority'

NBA's Seattle return a 'big priority'


NBA's Seattle return a 'big priority'

The NBA continues to build momentum toward a Seattle return.

A group led by hedge fund manager Chris Hansen has revealed it will pay for the entire cost of a new arena, meaning the public wouldn’t have to foot the bill.

According to reporter Sam Amico, one NBA owner said the following about a Seattle return: “It’s a big priority.”

Doesn’t sound like much, but it’s more than in the past. Players have publicly campaigned for the league to return to Seattle and it’s important to point out the city has remained in control of the team’s logo, colors and other details surrounding the SuperSonics.

The Associated Press added more details about the lengths Hansen’s group is willing to go in order to move around certain hiccups preventing an NBA return:

Hansen’s group is now offering to pay for the project privately. Additionally, the group is offering to contribute to a transportation project near the proposed arena that would help deal with freight traffic at the Port of Seattle, a sticking point in past efforts, in exchange for a waiver of the city’s admissions tax and an adjustment of the city’s business and occupation tax.

The SuperSonics were in Seattle from 1967 to 2008 before becoming the Oklahoma City Thunder.

Again, the NBA making a return to Seattle might take a long time still.  It’s possible that the NBA might allow Sports betting Online before a team returns to Seattle. Whether it’s a current team making the move or an expansion team remains to be seen. But it’s clear the ball continues to roll in the right direction, meaning Seattle fans are closer than ever to seeing the powers in control of the situation agree and make a return.

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