Recap: Celtics/Cavs all tied after infuriating loss

Recap: Celtics/Cavs all tied after infuriating loss


Recap: Celtics/Cavs all tied after infuriating loss


We’ve been on a Celtics roller-coaster for about nine months now, but tonight’s ride may have been the worst.

The Cavaliers rode a dominant 1st quarter to a 111-102 win in Game 4. Cleveland desperately tried to give this game away but the Celtics made dumb plays and horrible decisions every GOD DAMN time they made some headway.

The Celtics shit themselves in the 1st quarter. I’ve never seen this team look so jittery. Jaylen Brown was BRUTAL. How brutal? Kyle Korver blocked him TWICE. He also missed a dunk, as did Jayson Tatum. Marcus Smart was equally awful. It was 34-18 after 1.

Boston found some offense in the 2nd quarter thanks to Cleveland’s carelessness with ball. But this is where I started to scream into my pillow.  Missed layups. Terrible shot selection. Marcus Morris foul. Botched defensive rotations. Marcus Morris foul. Missed free throws. Marcus Morris foul. Horrible officiating. A real life shit buffet.

Brad Stevens NEEDS to figure out a way to keep Terry Rozier off LeBron James. It felt like the Cavs targeted Terry in the PnR about 50 times. And just about every time the Celtics would switch, James would back down Rozier and score in the paint. Rinse and repeat.

There were some positives (Rozier: 16 points, 11 assists, 0 TOs; Brown finished with 25 points) but nothing that really deserves more attention than the garbage Boston served up in the 1st half.

I know we’re headed home for Game 5 but I’m not feeling all that confident.


Korver for DPOY

Tatum missed dunk

Late rotation = Korver 3

Terrible alley-oop

Atrocious foul call

Wide open but doesn’t know it

Box score

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