Five people in the sports world who are making generous donations to coronavirus relief efforts

Five people in the sports world who are making generous donations to coronavirus relief efforts


Five people in the sports world who are making generous donations to coronavirus relief efforts


The Coronavirus is becoming one of the most deadliest pandemics the world has ever seen. It is a terrible disease that has impacted the majority of nations on the globe. Yes, the sports world has been currently wiped out because of this horrendous outbreak and there are currently over 300,000 cases. Here are five notable people in the sports community who have generously donated to the Coronavirus relief efforts.

5) Steve Ballmer–The owner of the Los Angeles Clippers announced on Thursday that he and his wife Connie will donate $1 million to community groups in Los Angeles, CA assisting in the Coronavirus relief efforts. According to Andrew Greif of the Los Angeles Times, the organizations that have received $250,000 each are the Los Angeles County’s Office of Education and the Los Angeles Unified School District. The money will be used to go to distributing diapers, food, formula, cleaning and medical supplies, along with online learning programs for children as California schools are closed.

4) Steve Bisciotti–The owner of the Baltimore Ravens has donated $1 million to four nonprofit organizations in Maryland to help stop Coronavirus. They are the Fund for Educational Excellence. the United Way of Central Maryland, the Baltimore Community Foundation and the Maryland Food Bank. All four companies will receive $250,000 each. There are currently 190 cases in the state of Maryland and two deaths.

3) Russell Wilson–The quarterback of the Seattle Seahawks and his wife, American singer Ciara, are donating a million meals to Food Lifeline. This organization distributes food to over 300 food banks, shelters and meal programs in western Washington. At this time there are 1524 Coronavirus cases in Washington, and the state has the most deaths at 83.

2) Arthur Blank–The owner of the Atlanta Falcons is donating $5.4 million to the Coronavirus relief efforts according to TMZ. Of the $5.4 million, $5 million will go to the Greater Atlanta COVID-19 Response and Recovery Fund. There are currently 507 cases of Coronavirus in the state of Georgia and 14 deaths.

1) Phil Knight–Three Nike executives (co-founder Phil Knight, executive chairman Mark Parker and president and chief executive officer John Donahoe) are donating a combined $10 million to the Coronavirus relief efforts. The companies they are benefiting are the Oregon Health and Science University ($7 million), the Oregon Community Recovery Fund ($2 million) and the Oregon Food Bank ($1 million). Oregon currently has 114 cases of Coronavirus and four deaths.

There are currently 1274 cases of Coronavirus with 67 deaths. On Friday, a statewide lockdown was enforced. California is one of three states to have a lockdown (the others are New York and Illinois). At this time, the other 47 American governors in the United States need to follow the leads of these courageous governors and stop Coronavirus.


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