4 Takeaways From Browns Vs. Steelers MNF Game

Jerome Ford

The Cleveland Browns vs. Pittsburgh Steelers Monday Night Football game was an interesting one, both for positive and negative reasons.

Here are four takeaways from the game.

1. Steelers TJ Watt Is The Best Defensive Player In Football

It is only Week 2, but TJ Watt has come out blazing hot at the beginning of this season.

There are always discussions about who is the best defensive player in the NFL, and right now TJ Watt is the man who performs at a high level in big games.

His brother JJ, who is perhaps biased, also agrees.

His results speak for themselves, and only Dallas’s Micah Parsons could be arguably entered into the discussion.


2. Browns Lost The Game Two Times: Nick Chubb’s Injury Is Heartbreaking

The Browns lost Nick Chubb to what appears to be a season-ending injury.

Losing the game on top of that is the equivalent of two losses on the same night.


3. A Defensive Battle From Start To Finish 

Both offenses were not stellar in this game.

This is indicative of an NFL trend that the offenses are getting a slow start this season.

Is the lack of preseason play by top-tier offensive players the culprit?

Those who believe preseason does not matter may need to reevaluate that theory based on how the 2023 season has begun.

4. The Two-Game MNF Format Spaced One Hour Apart Is Not Good

This is a personal opinion, but the double-header MNF games that start one hour apart is not a good model.

If ESPN/ABC wants to show two games, have an early and late game and please don’t show the split screen nonsense.

The Carolina and New Orleans game was for the most part a snoozer, but I still wanted to see Bryce Young and Derek Carr in action for more than one hour.

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