Bryce Young Excelling in Panthers’ New Offense

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Dave Canales recently shared a promising update about quarterback, Bryce Young. According to Canales, Young is doing well in the Panthers’ new offensive system.

“He’s doing fantastic with it,” Canales said Monday after the first full day of voluntary workouts. “So, for us the formations are pretty vanilla so we can just teach the concept we want out of each route, the depth, the footwork we want.

“As I expect him to do, he’s really mastered that part of it.”

It is no secret that Bryce Young had a tough rookie campaign. Hopefully, he will bounce back in his sophomore season.

Bryce Young Excelling in Carolina’s New Offensive Scheme

Bryce Young’s Rough Rookie Season

Young had one of the worst rookie seasons for a quarterback in recent memory. Granted, it was not all his fault considering the Panthers were the worst team in the entire NFL finishing with a win-loss record of 2-14. Young ranked 29th out of 30 qualified quarterbacks in total quarterback rating (33.4) and 33rd in completion percentage (59.8 percent).

As if that was not bad enough, the former first overall pick also only threw for 11 touchdowns while also throwing 10 interceptions. Young also had the most yards lost due to sacks (477) and logged a passing success rate of only 36.5 percent. The Panthers had the last-ranked total offense this past year and only recorded 23 total offensive touchdowns. It is no secret that the Carolina Panthers have a lot of work to do in terms of bolstering their roster. However, Bryce Young must use last year as motivation to start improving, especially since he was the first overall pick in his draft class.

Can he Turn it Around?

At this point, it is most likely to safe to assume Bryce Young will not eclipse C.J. Stroud, who was taken one pick behind him in their respective draft class. However, we have also seen players start to come into their own after a tough rookie season in this league. One can make the argument that Bryce Young was thrust into one of the worst situations in the NFL. The team did make a few key moves this offseason to tweak their roster.

Carolina brought in Jadeveon Clowney to replace Brian Burns and they also traded for Diontae Johnson to add some explosiveness to their receiving corp. The Panthers also added some new pieces to their offensive line which will hopefully assist in Bryce Young’s development. If most of these signings are positive, then Bryce Young should start improving in the second season of his NFL career.

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