Clippers Announce Rebrand: What Will It Look Like?

LA Clippers rebrand

The Los Angeles Clippers are entering a new era. The Clippers have announced a rebrand starting next season, including logos, court designs, uniforms, and colors.

Clippers Announce Rebrand For 2024-2025 Season

Starting with the 2024-2025 season, the Clippers will have a new look when they move into their new arena, the Intuit Dome, in Inglewood, California.

Starting with the team’s logo, the LAC will be replaced with a compass and ship. “Clippers” is derived from clippers ships and naval vessels in the team’s original home of San Diego.

Clippers Design
Photo Credit: Los Angeles Clippers
Clippers logo
Credit: Los Angeles Clippers

The global logo will contain the full name of the team.

Los Angeles Clippers global logo
Credit: Los Angeles Clippers

The Intuit Dome’s court will reflect the color and logo changes. The ship and campus logo will be at the center court. Navy blue covers the sidelines.

Inglewood’s longitude and latitude are on the sideline of the court.

Clippers Court Design
Credit: Los Angeles Clippers

Steve Ballmer Considered A Name Change

Clippers jerseys
Credit: Los Angeles Clippers

Los Angeles Clippers owner Steve Ballmer told ESPN’s Zach Lowe that he thought about changing the name before acquiring the team in 2014.

However, Ballmer listened to the feedback from fans against a name change, electing to keep the Clippers’ name.

“The focus groups are advisory, not definitive,” Ballmer said. “But I still listen to them, and I have heard, partially to my surprise, that there is no interest in a name change. I had thought about [the name] years ago, before I got the team, but we heard similar reactions back then.”

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