Contract and Salaries of Deion Sanders’ Assistant Coaches at Colorado Buffaloes in 2024

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The 2024 season for the Colorado Buffaloes football team is shaping up to be an exciting one, not just on the field but also in terms of the financial commitments made to the coaching staff. Under the guidance of Deion Sanders, the team’s assistant coaches are set to receive a record $4.65 million in combined salaries, surpassing the previous year’s total of $4.59 million. Let’s take a look at the salaries of these assistant coaches at Colorado.

Notable Colorado Buffaloes Football Assistant Coaches’ Salaries

  • Robert Livingston (Defensive Coordinator): $800,000
  • Pat Shurmur (Offensive Coordinator): $800,000
  • Jason Phillips (Wide Receivers Coach): $315,000
  • Phil Loadholt (Offensive Line Coach): $325,000
  • Vincent Dancy (Outside Linebackers Coach): $350,000

Contract Details of Colorado Football Assistant Coaches

  • Robert Livingston has been appointed as the Defensive Coordinator with a deal that sets a new record for the university. His contract begins with a salary of $800,000 for 2024. This rises to $995,000 in 2025. This significant increase underscores his pivotal role in shaping the team’s defensive strategies.
  • Pat Shurmur, stepping into the role of Offensive Coordinator, has secured a contract mirroring Livingston’s starting salary of $800,000 in 2024.  It also comes with a raise to $850,000 the following year. His expertise and experience are deemed essential for taking this offense to the next level in 2024.
  • Jason Phillips, taking charge of the Wide Receivers, is set to earn $315,000 in 2024. His contract sees a rise to $340,000 in 2025, reflecting the importance of his role in developing a dynamic receiving corps.
  • Phil Loadholt joins as the Offensive Line Coach on a one-year contract valued at $325,000. For Loadholt, this is a one-year deal.
  • Vincent Dancy, promoted to coach the Outside Linebackers, will receive $350,000 in 2024. He is another coach who will see a raise in 2025, this time to $375,000. His promotion and subsequent salary increase signify recognition for his contributions and potential impact on the defensive unit.

The Colorado Buffaloes are making a clear statement with their investment in the coaching staff for the 2024 season. This record salary pool not only reflects the high expectations for the team but also demonstrates the university’s commitment to providing the resources necessary for success.

Under the guidance of Deion Sanders and his highly compensated team of assistant coaches, the Buffaloes are gearing up for what could be a transformative season.

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