Five Potential Landing Spots for Cris Cyborg Following Her UFC Release

s cyborg signs with bellator

After all of the back and forth, insults and lying, the rocky relationship between Cris Cyborg and the UFC reached its breaking point. This past week, UFC President Dana White released Cyborg from her UFC contract.

Stating the UFC is out of the Cyborg business, Dana was adamant that the UFC didn’t need her and she can go wherever she pleases.

Following her win against Felicia Spencer at UFC 240, Cyborg (21-2, 1NC) was fighting without a fresh contract. Rumored to face Amanda Nunes in a rematch for the UFC Featherweight Championship, there has been some controversy regarding if she even wanted the fight. She claims she does, as shown by her “Cyborg v. Nunes” shirt after her fight against Spencer. White proclaims otherwise.

One of the factors leading up to this ugly divorce was Cyborg wanting an apology by Dana White for all of the mean things he has said to her prior to joining the UFC. She also wanted him to clear up all of the lies he stated regarding fighting. She attempted to get an edge on him with a YouTube video “exposing him”, but she later apologized, stating someone on her social media team made a mistake. Regardless, the relationship was ugly enough to get that far, resulting in her release.

Now a free agent, Cyborg has an opportunity to go wherever she pleases. Already, organizations are coming out of the woodwork to claim her. A hot commodity, Cyborg’s power and international appeal could do wonders for another organization.

The question is simple really: Where will Cyborg end up? With plenty of options to choose from, Cyborg will be like a kid in a candy store. Here are the top five choices Cyborg may consider taking, in and out of the MMA world.

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