Interview with British Columbia Curling Champion Clancy Grandy

Clancy Grandy

Pool B of the 2024 Scotties Tournament of Hearts in Calgary is continuing on Sunday. One team that has got off to a solid start is British Columbia curling champion Clancy Grandy of Vancouver. After five games, she has a record of four wins and one loss. Here is my interview after her 9-3 win over New Brunswick this morning.

Q: Tell me a bit about how your tournament has been going so far.

A: “So far, so good. We have been happy with how we have been playing, and how we are picking things up on the ice. We are just trying to learn every time we are out there.”

Q: Tell me about your coaching staff because you have Marcel Rocque on board.

A: “When we first started this team, we already had a coach in Katie Witt. She was amazing for us and she worked so hard with us on our communication and our team dynamics. She right from the get go said that we should probably try to reach out to different resources in different areas that we need help with. Many other sports teams do that and they follow that model where they have a defensive coach and a technical coach. I really like that model. I think it’s important for curling because I think it is hard to be an expert in every single aspect of our sport. It is so technical, and there are so many different areas. That’s what we have done. We have been really lucky to work with the best (coaches) in the world, in my opinion. That is what we were seeking in Marcel, and he has brought so much to our team. He has great work ethic. What he has been able to do for us in our training, and how we practice, is like night and day from where we were before. I cannot speak highly enough for what he has done for us.”

Q: One strength in your game against New Brunswick was your draw weight. Was that a major reason for your success today?

A: “Definitely. That is something that Marcel has been super helpful with, in how diligently we manage our rocks. We train precise placement of stones. Their team had Dave Nedohin, and he was such a touch player, such a good drawer, and a really good role model for me. I do feel like I feel comfortable with my touch game, and really trust my sweepers to put the stone where we need to put it. He has really been helping us that as well.”

Q: You have lost one game so far and that was to the mighty Jennifer Jones. What did you learn from that experience on Sunday night that will help you the rest of the tournament?

A: “Yes, we had a couple of mistakes with our rock placement in that game. We struggled a little bit to find that combo of line and speed. We talked about it after the game, and we felt pretty good about what we needed to do. We were quite happy to bounce back in our next game (an 8-5 win over Nova Scotia on Monday). We felt we were able to make the corrections that we needed.”

Q: On a personal level, you were born in Ontario, and now living in western Canada. What has that experience been like for you?

A: “It has been amazing. I really love British Columbia. I have felt at home since moving there, and really welcomed by all of the curling clubs, and members who curl in BC, and I couldn’t be happier with the decision.”




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