Interview with Women’s World Champion curler Rachel Homan

Rachel Homan

We are now on the sixth day of the 2024 Scotties Tournament of Hearts, and one of the biggest stories to date is the fact that Rachel Homan of Ottawa, Ontario, the 2017 Women’s World Championship winner, has a perfect record of six wins and zero losses. Over the last 24 hours she has beaten Winnipeg’s Jennifer Jones, the 2018 Women’s World Curling Championship winner, 7-5, and Vancouver’s Clancy Grandy, the British Columbia champion, 10-3. In Wednesday’s win over Grandy, Homan shot 100%.

Q: In the 10-3 win over British Columbia, your team had a huge five-ender. Possibly discuss the fourth end.

A: “We were making some big shots and getting the angles just right. They came up short for a couple and we were able to put some pressure on them. We did give them a small port, where they were close to making a draw though and cutting us down. The five points were a big turning point.”

Q: Curling is all about momentum. Last night you beat Manitoba’s Jennifer Jones. Did you feel that your win against Jones gave you momentum against Grandy?

A: “Playing Jen, you always know it is going to be a great game. Obviously it was really nice and important to be on the winning side of that game last night. It keeps us in control of our future. We have the evening off today and two big games tomorrow.”

Q: Prior to the game, Sarah Wilkes was leading the tournament among leads at 91%. Maybe talk about the impact in the tournament that she has had.

A: “I am shocked. She is phenomenal. She is a phenomenal sweeper, and phenomenal with her draw weight. She has had to manage some tough rocks this week and she has played better than I have. She has stood on her head, played amazing, taken some of my rocks and putting them in the right spot.”

Q: Tell me about the chemistry you are developing with third Tracy Fleury. Both of you have a wealth of experience as a skip. How are the two of you doing uniting as a skip and third at this time?

A: “Overtime it takes time to develop that communication and what you want to hear, and getting that dynamic in the house. She is just so positive. She is always so awesome to have in the house, and to talk about options. She always has confidence in me to making the shot, so it gives me the confidence and green light to make what I feel like I can make. It is a great dynamic, and she is an awesome addition. She is easy to talk to, and get information back and forth.”




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