It’s time LeBron James stopped acting like a rookie

San Antonio Spurs v Cleveland Cavaliers

Fresh off of three straight losses, the Cleveland Cavaliers and LeBron James are making headlines for more than just their on-court appearances.

Tensions and tempers flared Tuesday when James started a social media firestorm by writing a series of tweets that essentially said his Cavs’ teammates, minus Kevin Love and Kyrie Irving, need to step it up or be replaced.

This isn’t a new complaint for James, who left Miami in 2014 when he was not satisfied with their roster. Granted, he spun that to his advantage and began his homecoming tour with the Cavaliers, which ultimately landed him his third NBA title this past summer.

James reportedly believes that the Cavaliers need to increase their spending in order to bring in some “playmakers” to supplement the big 3 of Love, Irving, and himself. Soon to be 33-years old, James worries that he may not have much time left if he wants to win another championship ring.

It’s no secret that more talent would certainly take some of the pressure off of these guys, Irving and James especially, who each played more than 40 minutes in their two losses against the Pelicans and the Spurs.

After the huge media backlash and comments from snubbed teammate Tristan Thompson and disgruntled head coach Tyronn Lue, Tuesday’s practice was cancelled as well as Wednesday morning’s shootaround.

The Cavs came back from their slight break to another loss on Wednesday night, as they fell 116-112 to the Sacramento Kings in overtime.

I get where James is coming from, but I do not think Twitter was the right move to express his frustrations. His lack of maturity shocks me. He needs to continue to lead and set an example for his guys, not turn against them when they hit a slump. Basketball is a game of momentum, and LeBron’s childish outburst certainly isn’t pushing the Cavaliers forward.

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