Allegations Hit New Lakers Head Coach Redick Over Alleged Racist Remarks

New Lakers head coach J.J. Redick

Newly appointed Los Angeles Lakers head coach JJ Redick is facing serious allegations made by Halleemah Nash, who claims that Redick used a racial slur against her while both were on the Duke University campus. Nash, who identifies as a Social Impact Pro and Lakers fan on her X profile and is the founder of Rosecrans Ventures as per her LinkedIn, made the accusation public on Tuesday morning.

This comes just a day after Redick was formally introduced as the Lakers’ 29th head coach, following intense speculation and unexpected developments in the coaching search. Neither Redick nor the Lakers organization has publicly responded to the allegation. Redick, a former NBA guard and the 2006 College Player of the Year at Duke, denied Nash’s claim.

Past Accusations of Racist Slurs

Redick, the newly appointed head coach of the Los Angeles Lakers, has faced accusations related to racial slurs in the past. Over a decade ago, he was accused of using racial slurs in emails to his ex-girlfriend, allegations he vehemently denied. Additionally, in 2018, during a video featuring several NBA players extending Chinese New Year greetings, Redick appeared to use a Chinese racial slur. He explained that he stumbled over his words while changing his message mid-sentence, inadvertently resulting in the offensive-sounding remark. Redick has stated that he had no intention of uttering a slur, emphasizing that the incident was a misunderstanding.


Adding to the controversies, Redick shared a bizarre story on his podcast about potentially witnessing an instance of human trafficking. This claim led him to delete his Twitter account temporarily. These past issues continue to stir discussions around Redick’s character and judgment as he steps into a prominent coaching role with the Lakers.

Redick Looks to Move on With Storied Career

Hailing from Cookeville, Tennessee, JJ Redick rose to fame during his tenure with the Duke Blue Devils from 2002-06. While he never clinched a national championship, Redick is celebrated as a legend within the Duke program and as one of the standout college basketball players of his era. He leveraged his illustrious college career into a successful stint in the NBA, ranking 20th on the all-time list for 3-point field goals and maintaining a shooting average of 41.5% from beyond the arc over 15 seasons.

After retiring from professional basketball, Redick successfully pivoted to the media world, first with podcasting and then as a broadcaster, establishing a significant presence in both fields. His recent collaborations, including a project with LeBron James and covering the NBA Playoffs for ESPN and ABC, have kept him in the spotlight.

Now stepping into the head coach role, JJ Redick is poised to guide the Los Angeles Lakers, aiming to restore the team to its former glory and propel them toward title contention. His past connections to various teams have shaped a broad understanding of the NBA landscape, which he hopes to leverage in his new role.

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