Jeff Teague snubs teammate Karl-Anthony Towns (Video)

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It’s no secret that the Timberwolves have had issues with chemistry, and also not getting the most out of their players, as they have a talent on the roster, but have yet to really turn the corner and become a playoff team.

The chemistry does appear to have improved somewhat, after the team traded away Jimmy Butler roughly one year ago, but there are still some players that, sometimes, tend to favor individual play over hooking up their teammates — not making the “basketball play.”

That’s exactly what point guard Jeff Teague during the team’s most recent game against the Suns, when Karl-Anthony Towns was standing at the top of the key, calling for the ball. The Suns had been forced to switch on defense, so KAT had an extremely favorable matchup, yet Teague didn’t seem to care, as he looked over, then drove right into the heart of the Suns defense all by himself — not a wise move.

Judging by KAT’s reaction, it did appear that he wasn’t happy about Teague’s decision. Team basketball, after all, tends to be more successful than isolation (aside from the Houston Rockets).

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