Jimmy Connors Showed Off His Impressive Cooking Skills On Thanksgiving

Jimmy Connors

Jimmy Connors is more than just an American tennis legend.

The 71-year-old 10-time Grand Slam Champion who won eight singles titles and two doubles titles is also a good cook.

Connors showed off his skills with a video showing his Thanksgiving dinner preparations.

He baked an enormous turkey, took great pride in mashing potatoes (to get his frustrations out), cooked vegetables, and made rolls from scratch.

Suffice it to say, tennis fans want to be invited over next Thanksgiving.

This isn’t the first time we have seen Jimmy in the kitchen.

In 2020, he showed us what he was cooking for his wife Patti on Mother’s Day.

Connors Kitchen opened its doors to show us how to make ribs.

He makes desserts too.

The Food Network needs to sign Jimmy up for a cooking show.

Besides Cooking, What Is Jimmy Connors Up To?

Many will remember Jimmy for his electricity on the court, playing into his late 30s long before Roger Federer, Rafael Nadal, and Novak Djokovic did.

After doing everything possible in tennis, including playing, coaching, and commentating, Connors now has a podcast called Advantage Connors.

His son Brett Connors is his partner on the podcast.

Jimmy’s sense of humor and outgoing personality are evident in the podcast.

Check it out wherever you get your podcasts.

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