John Wall isn’t worried about James Harden’s trade request

Houston Rockets guard John Wall is keeping his focus on the upcoming season — not behind the scenes drama.

James Harden has everybody’s attention. As the superstar guard reportedly requested a trade last month, basketball fans and media are curious as to whether the Houston Rockets will trade him or not. And if so, where will he land?

Harden wasn’t the only one asking for a way out. His former teammate Russell Westbrook also requested a trade, but unlike Harden, he got his wish. The loss of Westbrook probably doesn’t mean much to Harden. After all, reports indicated that Harden prefers John Wall over the new Washington Wizards veteran point guard.

But just because Wall is a better preference for Harden doesn’t mean he wants to stay put in Houston. According to ESPN’s Tim McMahon, Walls’s arrival doesn’t change Harden’s mind — he still wants out.

And while many might expect Wall to pitch Harden to stay in Houston for at least another season for a trial run, the veteran guard made it clear he doesn’t discuss the trade rumors with Harden.

“I don’t try to ask him about that because that’s his personal business,” Wall said, according to Tim McMahon. “All I worry about is what we can do to make this Rockets team the best that we can be while everybody is here and move forward with that.”

Unless Harden has a change of heart, that should just about seal the deal on everything. Sometimes, when another star comes into the picture — especially one that has been in a similar situation as Harden, — there’s a slight chance they can convince their teammate to give everything a chance.

But in this case, Wall doesn’t feel comfortable trying to save the Rockets’ hope of keeping Harden around and interested.