Look: Paul George’s hot model girlfriend Daniela Rajic launching new bikini business

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Thunder star Paul George has been dating a beautiful Instagram model, Daniela Rajic, and she’ll apparently be launching a business of her own.

George and Rajic have a daughter, Olivia, that they have been raising. Rajic has done the majority of it, obviously, with George being on the road and traveling with the team, as all NBA players do.

Still, Rajic is finding the time to begin a business endeavor of her own. She and Patrick Patterson’s girlfriend, Sarah Nassar, are launching their own bikini line, Nude Swim.

And apparently, they’ll not only be owners, but they’ll also be modeling the line, which makes sense. You’ll know why when you see some more photos of Rajic, which you can check out below. First off, here are the two of them.


And here’s Rajic and PG13.


Some more.





[You can check out the Instagram page for Nude Swim here.]
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