Novak Djokovic’s Golf Swing Is The Talk Of The Town At The Ryder Cup Exhibition

Novak Djokovic

Do you wonder how athletes at the top of their game in one sport fare when they try another sport?

The Deion Sanders and Bo Jacksons of the world who excel at a high level in multiple sports are few and far between.

Djokovic is the greatest of all time to ever swing a tennis racquet.

There is no doubt or argument about it, but how would he fare on the golf course?

He showed off his skills at the Ryder Cup all-star exhibition, and spoiler alert: he looked very good.

The golf club worked fine, but at one point Djokovic reached for something more familiar.

I guess we should have expected this since we could see tennis racquets tucked in his golf bag when he was on the drving range.

He was a fan favorite on the links.

Some body language transcends tennis and fits right in on the golf course.

Solid ball striking is his forte.

The Ryder Cup begins on Friday, September 29 in Rome.

Djokovic is enjoying an extended break after winning the US Open earlier this month.

His next tennis tournament will be the Paris Masters which goes from October 30 to November 5.

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