Ohio State vs. Michigan Was Most Watched Regular Season Game in Over a Decade

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With the stakes as high as ever in college football, a historic confrontation unfolded on the gridiron as Michigan and Ohio State clashed in a contest that not only thrilled fans but also drew a record-breaking number of viewers. On a crisp Saturday, the battle between these two collegiate titans was a de facto playoff with profound implications for the College Football Playoff landscape. The loser would likely see their playoff hopes dashed, adding a layer of intensity to the already fierce rivalry.

Ohio State vs. Michigan ‘The Game’ Viewing Figures Summary

  • The Game’ was the most-watched regular season CFB game since 2011.
  • 19,065,000 viewers watched Michigan’s 30-24 victory over Ohio State Saturday on FOX.
  • Most-watched regular season college football game on any network since 2011.
  • FOX Sports’ most-watched regular season college football game in history.
  • Viewership up 11% over Michigan-Ohio State in 2022 (17,138,000 on FOX).
  • Game peaked at 22,900,000 viewers from 3:30 to 3:45 PM ET.
  • Most-streamed college football game in FOX Sports history.

Over 19 Million Viewers Watched Michigan Beat Ohio State

In a dramatic afternoon that captured the nation’s attention, over 19 million people tuned in to watch Michigan secure a 30-24 victory over Ohio State. This viewership milestone was not an ordinary feat; it was the largest audience for a regular-season college football game since the year 2011, showing the matchup’s allure and the sport’s gripping appeal.

This marked the second consecutive year that these rivals met with unbeaten records, further cementing the game’s status as a premier sports spectacle. The significant viewership rise from the previous year by approximately two million viewers showcased the increasing magnetism of college football and the cultural significance it holds.

The game’s peak viewership soared to nearly 23 million during the most pivotal moments, underscoring the sheer number of viewers captivated by every play.

‘The Game’ Becomes Most-Watched Regular Season College Football Game Since 2011

The remarkable viewership figures eclipsed other notable matchups of the season, emphasizing the unique place this rivalry holds in the hearts of college football fans. The enduring appeal of the rivalry game was further illustrated by the fact that this game doubled the audience from the season’s previous top-rated broadcast, firmly establishing itself as a cultural phenomenon and a marquee event on the sports calendar.

This year’s version of ‘The Game’ delivered the second-largest audience for this storied rivalry since 1978. In fact, the game was the most-viewed regular season college football game since 2011. Besides the high-stakes involved,  the controversy surrounding Michigan’s coach Jim Harbaugh could also have added to the intrigue.

As the dust settles on this epic showdown, its ramifications on the playoff landscape will be analyzed and debated. Yet, what remains indisputable is the event’s historic viewership, a reminder of the raw excitement and communal experience that college football, at its finest, provides to millions of fans.

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