Pittsburgh Pirates Wake Up Call: McCutchen in Pinstripes?!

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In our daily Wake-Up Call, we get you ready for the day with a complete look at all things Pittsburgh Pirates.

The Pittsburgh Pirates continued their free fall last night as they lost 5-0 to the St. Louis Cardinals. It seems insane to think that on August 1st, the Pirates were the hot team that looked poised to battle for a playoff spot and the Cardinals were sellers that just fired their manager. Baseball is often accused of being slow, but things can change rapidly. 

However, once again the biggest news of the day does not involve the actual game played. A former Pirates MVP is once again on the move as Andrew McCutchen has been traded to the New York Yankees.

I felt compelled to write about it this morning, because McCutchen still means a lot to many Pirates fans. 

The former 2013 NL MVP is going from the disappointing San Francisco Giants to the World Series-hopeful, New York Yankees. However, much like the 2015 Pirates, the Yankees will likely finish with the second best record in the league, but still have to play a Wild Card Game. I am sure you will finally see MLB address the Wild Card Game issue, because it could potentially impact the Yankees! Heaven forbid!! 

This move may force a lot of Pirates fans to root for the hated Evil Empire because it would be something else for McCutchen to end his 2018 season with a World Series ring. Not to mention, he is joined by local legend, Neil Walker and the one that got away, J.A. Happ. If the Yankees find a way to add Pedro Alvarez, the 2018 Yankees would be a shoe-in to finish second place in the 2015 NL Central. 

Personally, depending on how things finish up, I could find myself rooting for the Yankees in the playoffs, which is something I NEVER thought I would say. However, if they end up playing the Oakland A’s in the Wild Card Game, you better believe I will greener than a 21-year-old on St. Patrick’s Day. 

I continue to wish Andrew McCutchen nothing but the best. He has always been one of the truly great people in the game of baseball. Forget about all of his on-field skills, the man is just solid to the core. I still miss seeing number-22 patrolling the outfield at PNC Park, not because of his talents, but because of his infectious personality. The man oozes charisma and is everything a star athlete should be. It may be strange to see the man in pinstripes, but it will still be the same Andrew McCutchen that helped re-bond a city with its baseball club all those years ago. Give New York hell, Cutch, they are lucky to have you. 

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