Rapid Recap: Celtics waste outstanding Kemba performance, lose embarrassingly to Bulls

NBA: Boston Celtics at Chicago Bulls

Boston dropped their Friday night road game in Chicago in grotesque fashion, 121-99.

It didn’t begin looking like a rout. The teams traded leads through a mostly evenly matched Q1. Kemba Walker (33-4-3-1-1!) and Evan Fournier (17-6-3-1-1) led a respectable offensive charge, but the Bulls’ more well-rounded attack gave them a 30-28 advantage after 12 minutes. In the second quarter, things got dicier for the Celtics’ second unit, with Jabari Parker not infrequently creating difficulties for his own team. But it certainly wasn’t him alone: Defense went full leak-like-a-sieve and the offense went ice cold as well, with Zach LaVine, Nicola Vucevic and the rest of the Bulls taking advantage to build a 60-46 halftime lead.

Chicago fell into a semi-funk to start the second half, but this didn’t galvanize Boston to get out of theirs. The home team did well enough—and the Cs had enough problems on both ends of the floor—that things began to seem like a foregone conclusion.

Down 20 at the start of Q4, Kemba decided “F**k it, I’ll do it live,” and whipped enough spirit into the Cs to make it interesting. But with folks like Coby White playing like superstars and Boston asleep more often than not, it wasn’t long before the comeback hopes were brutally squashed.

Clips, jokes and frustrated analysis below:

Folks weren’t so happy with the quarter’s waning minutes, though:

The Parker Problems, exemplified:

Tristan wasn’t exactly so hot either:

But it was a lapse by the team as a whole, as noted above. I mean, look at this nonsense:

Returning briefly to Parker, he did have this neato dunk, I guess:

Good to be reminded the team is as frustrated as fans are:

The general vibes were more somnambulistic.

From the Q4 run:

But it wasn’t enough, so they’re stuck.

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