Sean Payton Confirms Speaking With Broncos About Head Coach Position

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Sean Payton is one of the prized head coaches in the NFL market right now. While the New Orleans Saints still have his rights, he has made it clear he is keeping his options open. While a trade would have to happen for the one-time Super Bowl winning head coach, any team who is serious about contending would certainly work out a deal with no hesitation. The Denver Broncos did not have the year they were hoping for. As a result, they are looking for an experienced head coach to lead the helm next season.

While it has been reported the New Orleans Saints would want a first round pick in return, do not discount Denver’s ownership group and their cash-flow. As a matter of fact, Payton and the ownership group have already been in talks about the possibility of him becoming the next Mile High coach. This was confirmed by Sean Payton himself. Denver and New Orleans also reportedly are seeing eye-to-eye on potential trade compensation for Payton’s services.

Sean Payton Has Been in Touch With Denver Broncos’ Ownership Group 

Sean Payton’s Head Coaching Experience 

If there is any coach out there who could turn around the Denver Broncos and thrive with Russell Wilson at quarterback, it is none other than Payton himself. The man has Super Bowl experience and was the great Drew Brees’ coach for many seasons. During that span, he went 152-89 to go along with a 9-8 postseason record in 15 years coached. However, the Broncos have competition for Sean Payton’s services. He has also been linked to teams such as the Arizona Cardinals, Los Angeles Chargers, and even the Dallas Cowboys. The one thing these teams have going for them that Denver does not have is a proven general manager. Considering two out of these three teams are in the playoffs, the Broncos have their work cut out for convincing Sean Payton to take their job.

Other Head Coaching Candidates for the Denver Broncos

If Sean Payton decides to take his talents elsewhere, all is not lost for the Denver Broncos. They have other quality options they could pursue. They have already been linked to Michigan head coach, Jim Harbaugh, who found success in his short NFL tenure with the San Francisco 49ers. He was able to lead them to a Super Bowl appearance. A  game where they eventually succumbed to his brother’s team, the Baltimore Ravens. Regardless of his bowl record, Harbaugh does possess a NFL win-loss record of 59-36-1 in six seasons as a NFL head coach.

Other options include Dallas Cowboys defensive coordinator, Dan Quinn, and former Colts head coach, Frank Reich. Remember, Quinn has experience with Russell Wilson already as the was the coordinator back in the Legion of Boom days and has also been to a Super Bowl as the head coach for the Atlanta Falcons. As for Reich, many say he was dealt a bad hand with the Colts. In his five seasons with the Colts, he went 40-33-1. This is more impressive when you consider that he did not have a top-10 quarterback in any of these years. Sean Payton may be the ultimate prize for Denver. However, they still have quality options if he opts to coach somewhere else.

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