So what will John Sterling’s call for Giancarlo Stanton be?

1CE386DE-8782-4239-9C85-25782A89EF82Every time a new hitter joins the Yankees, it is fun to speculate what Yankee radio broadcaster John Sterling will come up with for their home run call. I always picture Sterling sitting in a hotel room dressed in a smoking jacket like Cookie Monster when he portrayed Allistair Cookie, writing down bon mots on a yellow pad while sipping a little cognac, and trying to get his home run call just right.

Back in the day, Sterling used to only do home run calls for stars like Bernie (Bern Baby Bern) Williams. And it was one per person. Now Sterling has let his imagination flow into multiple calls, like “The Toddfather” and “In Todd We Trust” for Todd Frazier, to name just one example.

So I have to wonder what home run calls Sterling will come up with for Giancarlo Stanton. I’m thinking Stanton Island has to be in one of them. My friend Dean thinks Sterling will make a reference to the Four Tops with something like “Stanton in the Shadows of Love” or something.

But what other calls will there be? The possibilities are endless! Stanton and Deliver. Giancarlito’s Way. Something with the Kit Kat jingle, given Stanton’s love for eaten them the wrong way. And I’m sure Sterling is working on this right now. As his radio partner Suzyn Waldman would say, goodness gracious!

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