South Carolina Gamecocks Hoping to Replace Juice Wells With LA Tech Transfer Cyrus Allen

cyrus allen

South Carolina lost one of college football’s top wide receivers when Juice Wells announced he was entering the transfer portal. Now, the race is on to try and fill those massive cleats and one such name that could look at doing so is Louisiana Tech transfer Cyrus Allen.

Wells’ Unexpected Transfer Sends Gamecocks in Pursuit of Wide Receivers

The South Carolina Gamecocks are navigating a challenging transition in their college football program, particularly in the wide receiver department, following the departure of standout Juice Wells.

Wells’ exit to the transfer portal was unexpected, especially after his announcement just weeks prior that he wouldn’t pursue the NFL Draft and would return the following year.

His decision, however, was clarified to mean a return to college football, but not necessarily with South Carolina.

In his tenure at South Carolina, Wells made a significant impact, leading the team as a receiver with 928 yards and six touchdowns, despite a truncated 2023 season due to injuries.

Cyrus Allen Lined Up as Potential Juice Wells Replacement

Stepping into his shoes could be Cyrus Allen, a promising wide receiver from Louisiana Tech, who is now considered a prime candidate to fill the vacancy left by Wells. Allen has shown tremendous promise on the field.

In his sophomore year, he impressively racked up 46 receptions for 778 yards and four touchdowns. His performance placed him among the top players in Conference USA, and his potential transfer to South Carolina could be a significant boost for the Gamecocks.

Allen’s decision to enter the NCAA transfer portal has attracted attention from multiple programs, including Baylor, Indiana, Miami, Mississippi State, Vanderbilt, and Wisconsin. His ambition to test his skills against Power Five defensive backs speaks to his desire to elevate his game and showcase his talent on a larger stage.

“I just want to play against some better competition,” Allen said. “I want to see if my talent is good enough to play on the big level. I want to be on the big stage. I think I am one of the hot hands in the portal right now. I am just trying to find a home and work though everything as I go through my recruitment.

“People are telling me that I can come in and play as an instant starter. They want to build around me. I am looking for the ball. I want to be a 1,000 yard receiver. I think I can get to 1,200 if I get 60 touches.”

In addition to Allen, the Gamecocks are also considering other prospects from the transfer portal to enhance their roster. The pursuit of players like Jayden McGowan from Vanderbilt and Will Sheppard, also from Vanderbilt, indicates a focused strategy by the Gamecocks to bolster their receiving options.

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