“The Tiger King” Joe Exotic Ends Jordan Travis Beef and Wishes the Injured FSU QB A Speedy Recovery

jordan travis v joe exotic

The unconventional rivalry between reality TV personality Joe Exotic and Florida State quarterback Jordan Travis has taken a heartwarming twist. Joe Exotic, the flamboyant figure known for his role in the 2020 Netflix hit “Tiger King” and currently serving a 21-year prison sentence, has extended an olive branch to Travis following the athlete’s season-ending injury.

Joe Exotic Claimed He Was The Real ‘Tiger King’

This unexpected truce marks a dramatic shift from Exotic’s earlier, fiery tweets. He once proclaimed, “Jordan Travis was 6 years old when I became The Tiger King,” asserting his claim to the title and expressing annoyance at others capitalizing on his brand. This mix of pride and protectiveness over his “Tiger King” identity sparked some lively online banter and threats of legal action.

It all stemmed from college football star Jordan Travis’ merchandise proclaiming he was the ‘Real Tiger King.’

However, the mood changed with Travis’ injury. Exotic’s approach turned from combative to compassionate, showcasing a different side of the Tiger King. In a tweet full of empathy, he remarked, “Jordan, everything is fun and games but when a man is down a man is down.” This shift from a territorial stance to one of solidarity was unexpected yet touching.

Joe Exotic Tells FSU QB To “Get Well Soon”

Exotic’s further encouragement, “Get well, keep the spirit up, you will be back just as I will be back,” hints at Exotic’s aim to be released from prison, apparently uniting them in a common goal. It’s a refreshing change from the usual cutthroat nature of public feuds, highlighting a more human aspect of this larger-than-life figure.

“Appreciate you. Joe for President,” Travis commented back, possibly signaling the end of the feud we didn’t know we needed.

The tale of Joe Exotic and Jordan Travis, evolving from a merchandise disagreement to a message of recovery and hope, offers a lighthearted look into the dynamics of celebrity conflicts and the surprising ways they can resolve. It’s a quirky, yet heartening chapter in the saga of the Tiger King.

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