Tristan Thompson drops f-bomb, walks away from postgame media availability

Screen Shot 2018-06-04 at 1.17.17 AM

The 2018 NBA Finals have been an absolute nightmare for Tristan Thompson.

He’s been ineffective in both games so far, with just 13 points and 10 rebounds in the first two contests.

Not only that, he shoved the basketball into Draymond Green’s face at the end of Game 1 in frustration, which earned him an ejection. If it weren’t the Finals, he’d likely have been suspended for Sunday’s game.

Thompson also had a weak moment after Game 2, this time with a reporter, who asked about him defending Klay Thompson.

“That’s f—ed up,”  Thompson replied, to the perfectly fair question.

He then said “next question,” but still walked away anyway, and that marked the end of his postgame media availability.

The Cavs would probably be better suited making a lineup change and further limiting Thompson’s minutes at home in Game 3. It’s possible that  Kendrick Perkins could provide some much-needed energy and a physical presence in the interior — something Thompson has failed to do in the series thus far.

As for Thompson, he continues to struggle — both on and off the court.

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