Two-time MLB All-Star catcher Stephen Vogt to retire at the end of 2022

MLB: San Francisco Giants at Arizona Diamondbacks

Two-time Major League Baseball All-Star catcher Stephen Vogt of Visalia, California announced his plans to retire at the end of the 2022 MLB regular season on Thursday. The veteran catcher has played a decade in the Major Leagues with the Tampa Bay Rays, Oakland Athletics, Milwaukee Brewers, San Francisco Giants, Arizona Diamondbacks, and Atlanta Braves.

Career Statistics

In 784 games, 2579 plate appearances, and 2330 at bats, Vogt has batted .239 with 81 home runs and 309 runs batted in. He also scored 256 runs and had 558 hits, 121 doubles, 12 triples, five stolen bases, 209 walks, 946 total bases, four sacrifice flies, 26 sacrifice hits, a .302 on base percentage and a .406 slugging percentage.

All-Star Seasons with the Athletics

Vogt was an All-Star in 2015 and 2016 with the Oakland Athletics. In 2015, he batted .261 with 18 home runs and 71 runs batted in. During 136 games, 511 plate appearances and 445 at bats, Vogt scored 58 runs and had 116 hits, 21 doubles, three triples, 56 walks, 197 total bases, eight sacrifice flies, an on base percentage of .341, an a slugging percentage of .443. In 2016, he batted .251 with 14 home runs and 56 runs batted in. During 137 games, 532 plate appearances, and 490 at bats, Vogt scored 54 runs and had 123 hits, 30 doubles, two triples, 35 walks, 199 total bases, three sacrifice flies, an on base percentage of .305 and a slugging percentage of .406.

World Series Champion

Despite not playing a postseason game for the Atlanta Braves last season, Vogt still earned a World Series ring with the Braves in 2021. He shared his time with the Braves and Arizona Diamondbacks. In his time with Atlanta, Vogt batted .167 with two home runs and eight runs batted in during 26 games.

Struggles in recent times

Over the last three seasons, Vogt has not hit the baseball with the same consistency as he did in the prime of his career. Vogt also batted a poor .167 with the Diamondbacks in 2020, and Athletics in 2022. When he shared his time with the Diamondbacks and Braves in 2021, Vogt also only batted .195.

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