UFC Fight Night: Whittaker vs Till Pick ‘Em Contest

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UFC Fight Night: Whittaker vs Till Pick 'Em ContestUFC Fight Night: Whittaker vs Till Pick 'Em Contest


So you think you know your MMA? You think you can predict who is going to win a fight and how?  Time to prove it. We present to you The MMA Manifesto Pick ‘Em contest.


This week’s winner wins a UFC gift card courtesy of Marune!


With over 15,000 users Marune is the first social media and training log app for Jiu Jitsu.  Marune allows users to track their daily training, including a Gi or NOGI session, training length, technique vs rolling time, list the techniques learned, gyms visited, take notes and even post pictures.  Marune then presents these stats in a weekly, monthly and To Date formats for easy reference.  Users can also keep track of their tournament records, medals won, pictures and post those as well.  In addition, Marune also allows users to find and keep in touch with friends through the “Friends Feed” feature where you can see your friends’ trainings, tournaments and pictures.  Users can also give “OSS” and provide feedback to each other.  Users can even log weight and catalogue their gis!

Update: Marune now allows over 20 different martial arts to be tracked!


Social Media:

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/marune.social/

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/marune.social/

Twitter: @MaruneSocial


Plus, the top point earner each month will win a SISU mouthguard

UFC Fight Night: Whittaker vs Till Pick 'Em Contest


SISU Mouthguards are the best lightweight option on the market; they’re safe, effective, and breathable. Backed by a $35k dental warranty. Click the image to check out their website.



Next up: UFC Fight Night: Whittaker vs Till. All picks need to be submitted by 5:00 PM Eastern Sat, July 25th.  If you don’t predict the correct winner of a match you don’t qualify for the bonus point given for predicting how the match will be won.  Only one entry per person.  Ties will be broken by the following, in order: 1) Most questions correct, 2) Most points earned from main event match, 3) Whoever entered their picks the earliest.


This contest is now closed

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