US Open Champion Coco Gauff Shares Who She Called From The Court But Remains Mum On Identity Of Her Boyfriend

Coco Gauff

Coco Gauff, 19, is the newly minted US Open champion.

With the updated rankings published on 9/11/23, she is third in the world.

Her emotions and victory celebration showed a lot about who she is.

She is a family person and appreciates all who have helped her get to this point in her career.

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With all of that said, tennis fans were very curious about who Gauff called courtside after securing her maiden Grand Slam.

Gauff tweeted the answer on Monday.

With the tweeted video of her brother’s emotional reaction, while watching her win on television, she wrote: “No wonder my brother didn’t answer the phone. Legend says he’s still screaming to this day.”

Coco is the oldest in her family and has two younger brothers, Cameron and Codey; Cameron is the brother she was calling.

Gauff cleared up that mystery, but she dropped a reference about her boyfriend over the weekend, and no one knows who he is.

His identity remains a secret though speculation is that the relationship has been going on since the spring.

Gauff ushers in the new generation of American Grand Slam champions.

She is honest, active on social media, and even recorded several TikToks the night of her win.

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